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Review: Oath of Servitude by C.E. Wilson

Name: Oath of Servitude
Author: C.E. Wilson
Publisher: self publication
Release Date: (date unknown) September 2012
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Quick Review: 

This is the story of Teague and Cailin, two teenagers who have been brought together by fate. Teague, a human, struggles to come to terms with the consequences of a recent accident that has destroyed the happy life that he had once enjoyed. Cailin, a pixi, is trying to stay true to herself while fighting against forces beyond her control that have exiled her from her home into this strange world of humans. She fears the darkness. He cannot escape it. But when the two of them are thrown together, they begin to discover the light inside of themselves.

Detailed Review: <review copy received from the author herself>

The story starts off where Teague's father, Owen who is supposedly a not-so great dad as he tries to pick the pieces of his son. Teague has become an alcoholic ever since his dad offered a bottle of vodka to him (I mean, serious?) One day, his dad decided to take in a pixi, Cailin in exchange of saving one of them. 

BUT... Teague's father --->hasn't told<--- Teague that Cailin is a --->pixi<---. (see the problem here?)

C.E. Wilson (the author) has written such a captivating and challenging story that revolves around pixies, humans and other mysterious beings that are yet to be known. I was really impressed by Wilson's writing and the tone of language being used to capture the YA audience. 

The book was really intriguing and had its own unique pace that will keep the readers on the edge of their seats. The start was about Teague who has just gone blind due to drinking due to the after damage of having an accident during a baseball game. 

Here comes, Cailin! The pixi who is a pixi (well, duh) she's someone who doesn't give up too easily as she gets to know Teague in a whole different level of faith and sadness. 

BUT... I'll have to stop you right there before you fall in love with this 'perfect' world and 'perfect' love. Why? When Teague finds what Cailin really is? Will the love last? Hell no, Teague pretty much freaked out and things went crazy after that... 

Guess what? I really thought Teague was perfect for Cailin and the other way around too. Each other understands each other... what's the perfect match-up? YET... those evil pixies had to spoil the moment! 

You know, when you have the hots for one those characters... you're all like "They're totally perfect for each other!" Instead it just had to blow up in your face, you know? Yeah, that's pretty much what I felt but I feel this book was really authentic and sweet. 

Excluding the bitter-sweet moment at the end! 

*It's a secret* 


That's what I'll give you. An AHC. 


Well, I'll make up for those words by saying this... 

Readers, once you'll read this you'll be putting this on your fantasy favourite shelf! I'm not trying to favour an author or anything or being bias or something... just thought this book really deserved it! 

So, buy it. Love it. Read it to bits. (literally) 

Brief Review: A fresh, new out-of-the-story fantasy where pixies and humans never coexisted. Since then, C.E. Wilson has created the unity of a love story between a pixie girl and a human boy where they both struggle to find their place in their own worlds. 

My Rating: 5/5    "Totally Amazing!


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