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Blog Tour and Review: Dark Remnants by L.K. Hill

Dark Remnants (Street Games #1)Title: Dark Remnants (Street Games #1)
Author: L.K. Hill
Release Date: 3rd September 2013
Publisher: Create Space
Find on: Goodreads

Quick Review: In the most dangerous city in the country, one controlled by a sadistic gang called the Sons of Ares, Kyra Roberts is searching the deep places for someone…

Kyra has come to Abstreuse city to find someone she’s lost, but walking the underbelly—a dark alley system residents call the Slip Mire—even in disguise, is rife with dangers. Kyra must stay on her toes if she intends to live. After crossing paths several times with the same detective, she wonders if his work and hers might be connected.

Gabe Nichols has worked homicide in Abstreuse for three years. Dead prostitutes and gang violence are part of the night shift. When a woman who looks like a street junkie but acts like an intellectual saves his life, he’s intrigued. Another woman shows up at his crime scene, and Gabe’s instincts kick into high gear when she clams up. Two cases involving strange women who won’t tell what they know are too coincidental.

If Gabe and Kyra can’t find a way to collaborate, they may not live to see the sunrise. Doomed, like so many others, to become gray, unmarked graves in a forgotten fracture of the Slip Mire.

Detailed Review: Liesel has done it again. After I finished the book, I was literally pining for the next book, desperate to know what would happen next. I wanted to throw a tantrum and yell for the next book to come out NOW, but of course it wouldn't happen. If this book really managed to reduce me to such childlike behavior, that means Dark Remnants in a very very very good book.

In this book, the author's writing is developed and her descriptions of Abstreuse city made me imagine the Slip Mire perfectly well. I could even draw you a picture of it (although I'm not born for art, that's Chloe). But you'll understand what I mean when you read the book. Not IF. WHEN.

What made the book stands out in the crime thriller genre, is its characters. Kyra made it to my 'best heroine' list, with her intelligence and determination. She is a character with depth and a person who I would love to know better in the next few books. Gabe Nichols is also a very special character with secrets of his own and  to me is an amazing detective. And both of them are more similar than they've ever thought in their pasts and family history. Liesel also managed to impress me with the secondary characters because of their differing personalities and the way they affected the main characters Kyra and Gabe.

This is a truly talented author at work here. No doubt about that. I mean, the twists! Will they ever stop? They're just so sudden and unexpected that it hits you hard like a stab to your heart. And I'm not exaggerating here. Also, the author manages to highlight the horrors of a place like Slip Mire with accuracy. If that's not talent, what is that?

Why isn't Liesel K. Hill famous yet? WHY?!? She should no longer be a self-publlished author! She should be as famous as Amanda Hocking or even Dan Brown!

A heart-pounding crime thriller that involves interwoven mysteries and stories awaits you if you dare to take the challenge...

Brief Review: Liesel has once again impressed me with her amazing writing abilities and if given anything to devour by Liesel Hill, I would gobble it up in minutes! This author really should be more recognized in the world and I really hope by next year, she would have made it up to the 'famous author' level on the ladder!

Final Rating: 5/5 'Totally Amazing'


To both main characters Kyra and Gabe,

I've learned that we're all entitled to have our secrets--- Nicholas Sparks

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