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Review: Set Me Free by Melissa Pearl

Title: Set Me Free (Fugitive #2)
Author: Melissa Pearl
Release Date: 18th May 2014
Publisher: Evatopia Press
Find on: Goodreads

Quick Review: Lucy Tate has spent the last 5 years on the run. That is, until she met Zach, the one guy she couldn’t bear to leave even though it could cost both of them their lives.

Hunted by a crooked FBI agent who killed her parents, Lucy has taken on one disguise after the next. But Zach knows exactly who she is and in spite of mounting evidence indicating her guilt in her parents’ death, he knows she’s innocent.

Convinced that it’s time to put her years on the run behind her, Zach and Lucy vow to fight back, clear her name, and take down the real killer. 

With support from Zach’s loyal friends and his uncle, an investigative reporter, they set out on a dangerous mission hoping that the truth...will set them free.

Detailed Review: <<I received an ARC from the author in exchange for my honest feedback>>

If you read my review on the first book, I Know Lucy,  you would know that I described it as exhilarating. Well, Set Me Free, was ten times that. There was way more action and tension in this book than the first book. This is one of the cases where the sequel is even better than the first book.

The story was way more complicated than I thought it would ever be. When I read that Lucy would fight back in the synopsis, I never thought it would involve the losing of friends, and the intervention of higher powers. It definitely had much more action than I Know Lucy.

What I'm trying to say her is that Melissa Pearl manipulated a simple idea into a complex story. This author's got talent. I can read it between the lines. *wink*

Once again I must comment about Lucy, the main character and compare her to other famous heroines like Katniss and Tris. She doesn't live in a dystopian world like them; she lives under the same circumstances as them. She's been forced in a corner for too long, until she has to fight back. I love the Lucy in this book because she demonstrated her true strength, especially in the end as she fought for her future and it's incredible how much she has survived. She also cares about the people she loves, so she will always try to stop them from getting hurt, which was her sole reason for being on the run. 

I think that Zach was a very solid character and I admired his bravery when he didn't run away when he knew Lucy's background. Instead, he stood by her and encouraged her to fight back and stop running. 

Elliot also became much more likeable and his softer side is revealed in this book. It just shows how strong his friendship is with Zach and how he's willing to help. His skill with computers definitely helped Lucy a lot! Having him as a friend would be the best thing in real life.

Zach made a great match with Lucy. I swear, the romance between them, it literally made me melt on the spot. To be honest, what made me love this book so much was the strength of both Zach and Lucy's relationship. It was so strong that it influenced many of Lucy's decisions, especially her decision to stay and fight till the end.

There were occasions when I felt that my heart was about to burst out of my chest from the tension in the book. The author doesn't just describe the tension and action, she makes you experience it. 

More often than not, Melissa throws in a twist or two to make things interesting. They're not small twists. They're life-changing. You find yourself constantly on the edge as you progress. That's the fun of it! Don't tell me you don't want to know how it feels like!
But I swear, that twist in the end was unexpected, so please prepare yourself for a mini heart attack towards the end.

*There will be two more books in the series, featuring Jaeda and Elliot! I can't wait to know more about their stories!

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Brief Review: Not for the first time, Melissa Pearl has impressed me with this sequel to an awesome book. Her writing is what brings the characters to life and pulls you into the action of the story. Even the story itself is carefully mapped out with some interesting twists along the way. I wouldn't want a different sequel than this. This is THE BEST OF THE BEST. *thumbs up* 

Final Rating: 5/5 'Totally Amazing!'


 This is what I would have said to Lucy throughout the whole book; Bob Marley said it best.

Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights. Get up, stand up, don't give up the fight--- Bob Marley

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