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ARC Review: Dark Magic by Renee Travis

Title: Dark Magic
Author: Renee Travis
Release Date: 1st July 2014
Publisher: -
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Quick ReviewWhat if witches were real? What if they had a Monarchy in the United States under our government? What if they lived next door, raised their kids and went to work...just like you? What if they were....out of the broom closet?

Kalma is a witch; not a normal witch, an immortal witch, with power over death. She is also a Princess and a middle child, which causes her no end of frustration. Wanting to feel like she is doing something with her life, Kalma embarks on a journey where she must solve the mystery of missing Death Witch children. With the help of her colorful sisters and a Servant of Death, she gets more than she bargained for, and her life and the life of her people will never be the same.

Detailed Review: Being a self-published book, I didn't expect this book to be perfect. There would still be mistakes, so I lowered my expectations considerably to fit in this book.

Having done so, I started reading. I was instantly transported into a world full of magic, romance and sisterhood. It was hard to not be sucked into it; the magic already started in the first chapter. Yes, there were mistakes, but they hardly stopped the flow of the story, which was surprisingly smooth.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and the parts I enjoyed the most was the romance between Tuoni and Kalma. When I read those parts, my heartbeat actually accelerated because I was just swooning over them. Tuoni was just pure hotness and even though he was over 200 years old (yes he is) I wouldn't mind him being my Servant of Death if I was a Death Witch.

Still, I loved Kalma's sisters. They were so supportive of her. Cerri was so so cute and bubbly it's so hard to not smile when she spoke. Morrigan was the combustible sister (she is a fire witch so I mean it in the literal sense). Isis was the sister who is always hungry for knowledge and is the second eldest. Inanna was the eldest, she was the most motherlike and being a spirit witch also the most understanding. Kalma is the middle sister, so you would expect her to always feel trapped and being a Death Witch proves to be more of a curse than a blessing (except for Tuoni).

Death Witches are hated by almost everyone because they are associated with death and they have power over something beautiful and ugly at the same time. But... it would be cool to raise the dead just for once.

People always say for twists to be interesting, you have to murder your characters. Travis did it, literally. I won't spoil it for you, but it goes along the lines of Allegiant... If you've read it. *wink* And that twist was what it was meant to be and in the end it still turned out perfect. This isn't the only twist; there are more wonderful ones waiting to be discovered.

There is a sequel to this book, hence the cliffhanger at the end, which is itself a twist. I don't think I should say more. I'm basically ranting about this book and I might just end up spoiling the book for you.

And I have read another book from this author, so I wasn't expecting any less from her. She met my expectations perfectly.

To read more about the author's other book, check out my review for it HERE.

Brief Review: If you love witches, romance or hot guys, you should definitely add this book to your TBR pile! Renee Travis weaves a story of sisterly love together with magic and adventure that mesmerises readers. This book is a promising start to a splendid series. I would expect more climax and pace in the sequel, although Dark Magic doesn't really disappoint either.

Final Rating: 4/5 'Really Liked It!'


To address the sisterly love between Kalma and her sisters:

Sisters function as safety nets in a chaotic world simply by being there for each other--- Carol Saline

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