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Here we are again, for another round of THE TOP TEN MOMENTS OF . . .
Today's segment will be featuring 'A Different Blue' by Amy Harmon.

Absolutely LOVED the book, pretty sure I can still feel my heart fluttering a little!
So, pick up a copy today and get started.

I'd advise you to only read up to number 7, if you haven't completed or started the book yet,  wouldn't want to spoil it for you!

Alright so, get ready, get set and let's get the party started.

A Different Blue - TOP TEN MOMENTS - Written by Amy Harmon, Published March, 2013

Number 10

''I grew up - found out what I wanted to do with my life. Sometimes the things we want to be rescued from can save us. ''

 Number 9

  ''Why don't you focus on where you're going and less on where you come from? Why don't you focus more on what makes you brilliant and less on what you angry? ''

    Number 8

    ''"A handkerchief?! What are you, eighty-five?"

Number 7

  ''Suddenly, action was required. The cameras were rolling, and I didn't know my lines, I was overcome by stage fright, of the strangers in the audience, of the scenes I hadn't studied and couldn't possibly prepare for. And above all, I didn't want Wilson to see me in the spotlight once more, the light unflattering, the storyline tragic, violent and depressing. ''

Number 6

''I felt her sag against me, and then she was clinging to me desperately, sobbing, grieving for a man she had mistreated, for a daughter she had failed and a granddaughter she had lost. ''

Number 5

''I lay in stunned surprise, waiting for him to loosen his grip, waiting for his hands to touch, for his body to move, but his arms stayed locked around me, his body remained still. And there, in the circle of his arms, held so fiercely that there was no room to doubt him or fear his loss, I slept.'' 

Number 4

'' Pride & Prejudice?'' ''How did you know?'' he smiled.
''I have a thing for Mr. Darcy. ''

JOINT Number 3

''I was spent without compromise, sated without sacrifice, completely and totally head-over-heals in love. And it was delicious.  ''

''Sometimes I feel like I have a huge, gaping hole from my chin to my waist, wide open negative space that life has just carved away. ''

Number 2 

''You were emotionally rocked in Reno, just like I was in London, and you needed me, but you didn't need me that way.  Someday, hopefully bloody soon - because I will combust if I ever have to spend a night like that again - you will want me because you love me, not because you're lost, not because you're desperate, not because you're afraid. And that's the goal.''


''Once upon a time there was a little bird who was placed in a nest. Wanted. Cherished. Unafraid, because she knew she was a hawk, a beautiful bird, worthy of awe, deserving of love. . . ''


Now, weren't those lovely?
So if you've enjoyed today's segment of MY TOP 10 MOMENTS OF ... leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts, maybe you've got some good ones to add to the list? Don't you be shy now!

Happy reading now and lots of love from my heart to yours.


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