Thursday, September 19, 2013

Guest Post BY Anna Bloom

UPCOMING:  The Uni Files Year One – The Art of Letting Go Read-Along BY ANNA BLOOM

                                                         Hey! Anna here,

Cait messaged me last night and asked if I would write you guys a quick post telling you about the read-along we are arranging for my debut novel The Uni Files – The Art of Letting Go.
The novel comes out next week, and can I just say I am completely overwhelmed by the positive response and support I am getting from readers and bloggers alike – I am feeling very loved right now which is great in itself.
So anyway the idea for the read-along is we are going to split the novel into three sect
I should point out that you don’t need to worry if you just want to read ahead because you can just jump in and out of the chat as and when you like.
The unique thing with this read-along is that I am actually going too re-read along with everyone at the same time. I will post any extra info I have. For instance if a scene in the book was made out of a different earlier one. What music I may have been listening to when writing it, or even how I actually felt writing different sections. Writing is a very personal emotional experience so it will be nice to share some of those feelings with you all. I will also post up any pictures I may have to help you visualise some of the settings –I may need to go strolling down Putney High Street with my camera taking photo’s like a tourist! (Anyone up for joining me for a drink along the way?)
If you would like to join in then head over to and sign up to follow the blog via email and then you will always receive the read-along posts when they come up and comment as you like.
We will start next Saturday which will give you all a chance to get the book, start to read and hopefully fall in love with The Uni Files!

Anna x

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