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Review: Altered by Shawnda Currie

Title: Altered
Author: Shawnda Currie
Publisher: Flea Circus Books
Release Date: September 2nd 2012
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Quick Review: Abandoned by her family, Lacey is sent to a juvenile detention center known as Clear Waters. Her teen years don't look promising until she is befriended by a mysterious stranger named Taylor, a gorgeous guy whose captivating eyes seem to stare into her soul. Convinced she is in danger at Clear Waters, Lacey joins Taylor in a daring escape. As she meets Taylor's group of friends, she discovers that they're more than they seem - they've been sent from the future to head off an evil corporate plot that will lead to a world war unless averted. With Lacey as their only hope to prevent a grim future, Taylor shows Lacey how to tap into her psychic abilities known in his time as evolved humans.

Travelling with her new friends, she discovers the magic of love while she grows into the powerful warrior chosen to make the difference to the world!

Detailed Review: I thought Altered was actually a really good book, entertaining and whatnot but some parts felt a little slow for me... and well, the characters themselves were quite creative and others just seriously uncertain where I actually had to reread the chapter again just to get it right, but I loved the main character unlike some of the other characters that I've read about, she's not annoying but stubborn at times... BUT (yes, the BIG 'but') you'll, as the reader will grow to love Lacey more. 

Love her name by the way :P 

The characters (well, the main ones anyway) have SUPER POWER, they're espers, ESP (in my term) people with extrasensory perception who have come from the future to convince Lacey that she's the key in saving the world! The story has a bit of romance hence the boy called Taylor who has just come into the picture after Lacey arrives at Clear Water, a juvenile detention center. 

There he teaches her well, tries to anyway, into using her powers... there she learns that she is not as normal as she thinks she is... Well, she already knew that. Including powerful friendships and findings deep beneath Clear Water facility, lies electric chairs and torture... it's for psychotic people a.k.a people who don't follow the rules. 

A slow relationship builds and then the escaping from Clear Water begins. 

I find Shawnda Currie's writing to be interesting and there's this certain twist that makes her book quite mysterious as well, as the budding romance between Lacey and Taylor. I really loved her book but like I said before, it felt kinda slow at some parts of the book where I had to stop and think about it. 

Beware of the slowness! But love Shawnda Currie's creative writing!  

Surprisingly I liked the ending though it's NOT the ending, you, readers will be at the edge of your seats as you flip the next page to the next book. Don't miss the second and third installment of Afflictions of The Evolved, Broken and Choices!

Brief Review: 'Shawnda Currie has developed a story that takes us from the future to the present where time travelling and people with special powers exist to protect the world. The characters fused into the story has made me love the book... though the downside of the story was it's slowness. But the key of the story was it's plot...really liked it!'

My Rating: 4/5   "Really Liked it!"


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