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Review: Let Him Go by Kaitlyn Felt

Title: Let Him Go
Author: Kaitlyn Felt
Publisher: CreateSpace/Amazon
Released Date: Nov 13th 2012
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Quick Review: Tenley Alexander is just a simple small-town girl living within the closed realms of her small world. A fresh high school graduate, Tenley tries to keep herself on her toes in the sweet anticipation of leaving her tiny town for good in order to go thrive at her dream collegiate school. However, Tenley’s motivation is severely disrupted when a love from her past sweeps unexpectedly back into her life. With the threat of tripping and falling back into a kind of love that she doesn’t want, Tenley’s goals become hazy and her little world suddenly expands to be so much bigger.

Jacob Trojan’s life is finally returning back to normal. Eight years have passed since his father’s tragic death and three more have gone by since his brother disappeared off the map. Standing on his feet for the first time in his life, Jacob is determined to do something with his life. With a possible collegiate athletic scholarship on the line and his mother and perfect girlfriend standing proudly behind him, Jacob knows he can’t steer wrong. However, that all changes when he lays eyes on Tenley Alexander for the first time in two years…

Leighton Gardner’s life is pretty much perfect. She’s beautiful and she has also somehow held onto the hand of a beautiful boy for nearly two years. Growing up in a wealthy family as an only child, Leighton is used to getting handed anything that she’s ever wanted. That’s why she’s caught off guard when Jacob suddenly begins to pull his fingers out of her slippery grasp. With the encouragement of her best friend, Leighton unwillingly begins to investigate the many pieces of her life…and finds out that everything she has ever known may not be as perfect as it has always seemed…

Based on true events, "Let Him Go" is a story that displays both the good and the bad of small towns, close friendships, and time. Written from three different perspectives, the first book in the "Let Him Go" series will captivate the reader from the very first page until the very last letter.

Detailed Review: I think this book was quite admirable and simple yet understandable to the very last word for word. The author's writing is very unique and fresh. I thought the characters were easy-going, fun and delightful from the start till the end of the book. 

It's story based on true events which make this book one of a kind. You'll probably think that, 'Oh it's boring, I don't think I should read it cause it's based on true events...' Well you're wrong. Give it a try and see how this author easily twists the world of reality into a book!

It starts off slow and easy. A girl called Tenley Alexander is standing at the side watching a baseball match and her long ago close friend, Jacob Trojan is seen. I thought this scene was quite 'moving'. Flashbacks and dates that tell us their location of a friendly afternoon friendship in his car. This book follows up on three protagonist where each tell a story of their own even though it's connected throughout the plot.  

'“Strike three! Batter’s out!”
 The perfectness of the memory was shattered instantly by the sound of the umpire’s voice calling me out. Stunned, all I could do was blink rapidly as reality set in. When the memory finally fogged up and cleared, I didn’t even bother to look in the direction of my coach. I had let him down; I had broken my promise. As I sauntered lowly back to the dugout, I couldn’t help but think that that was only the second promise I had ever broken in my life. The first promise had been the one I made to Tenley two solid years ago.'

This scene shows Jacob's point of view where he wakes up in reality to find that he broke a promise to Tenley and now a new one -he made to his coach. How simple can promises break? So easily like shattered glass! I loved Felt's (the author) writing as it was clear and easy to read through. 

TENLEY - girl of Jacob's dream? She's a girl who seems to break easily but not too easy. She's sweet, admirable and a crazy fan of Taylor Swift songs. Especially 'Fearless'. She's got her own mind-set and still loves Jacob Trojan hard to the core. Even though some say, "Let Him Go." 

JACOB - to me, he totally sounds like some guy who dumps girls easily. Nope, you're wrong - let's just say he breaks promises easily. Ok, a little too easily. But to Tenley, he's someone she loves or can she? But he has a pretty sad story, you'll have to read it to find out...

LEIGHTON - Typical beauty queen. Can't stand them, can you? I thought this girl was fine. Yeah, just fine, nothing else. She isn't my fav character in the story but ah well, you need someone who does the dirty work. She's a total drama queen (that's what her friends say...) and yet she wants Jacob so badly. Should they be together and get their happy ending? OR Should she fight for it? 

The war is on!

I loved Tenley. She was my fav character throughout the entire book - the author wrote this character to a very define way, making the character delicate yet hard-core. Including her obsession over Taylor Swift and her lucky song, "Fearless". The story of her life, Tenley has overcome the song and became fearless in the end. The progression of her character has become the most responsible in the book. 

But I can't tell you everything that will ruin the story for you! The ending is typically bitter sweet, yet tragic-ish for one particular character in the book. Here's a simple message and clue - 'Leighton, honey, you need to let him go.' 

Read this book and you'll see why it's good based on true events, friendship, jealousy and tons of typical drama queens - I think you'll find this quite enjoyable! 

*Don't forget to check out her first novel, Fighting Fate where you can find at Amazon

Brief Review: 'Based on true events, Let Him Go is a wonderful and fun day-off from fantasy and the world of fiction where it depicts the truth and reality into a seemingly out-of-touch 20th century book! Felt's writing has a touch of inspiration that captures this book's meaning - "Go for it!"' 

My Rating: 4/5  "Really Liked It!"


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