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Review: Raging Star by Moira Young

Title: Raging Star (Dustlands #3)
Author: Moira Young
Release Date: 13th May 2014
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books
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Quick ReviewHer passion kept them alive. Now it may destroy them all.

Saba is ready to seize her destiny and defeat DeMalo...until she meets him and finds herself drawn to the man and his vision of a healed earth, a New Eden. DeMalo wants Saba to join him, in life and work, to build a stable, sustainable world…for the chosen few. The young and the healthy. Under his control.

Jack’s choice is clear: to fight DeMalo and try to stop New Eden. Presumed dead, he's gone undercover, feeing Saba crucial information in secret meetings. Saba hides her connection with DeMalo and commits herself to the fight. Joined by her brother, Lugh, and her sister, Emmi, Saba leads a small guerilla band against the settlers and the Tonton militia. But the odds are overwhelming. Saba knows how to fight—she's not called the Angel of Death for nothing. But what can she do when the fight cannot be won? Then DeMalo offers Saba a chance—a seductive chance she may not be able to refuse. How much will she sacrifice to save the people she loves?

The road has never been more dangerous, and betrayal lurks in the most unexpected places in the breathtaking conclusion to the Dust Lands Trilogy.

Detailed ReviewI am convinced that if I don't write a review for Raging Star, I don't deserve to live.

Raging Star is so twisted in a way that it makes me want to cry and laugh and scream at the same time. I thought Rebel Heart was the best the author could do.

Moira Young proved me wrong. Once again, she decides to throw everything you know right in your face and yell, 'Gotcha!'

If you read the last paragraph of the book's description, I have to let you know that it really applies to the book.

It was explosive, and yes, betrayal is a strong theme in the book.

And the best (or worst) part is that you can't possibly guess who the traitor will be. I was so shocked to find out who the real traitor was that I had to stop and honour that part for a few minutes. I wasn't just honouring it, I also paid great respect to Young's writing. 

She deserved it.

Anyways, moving on, the characters were just so well-written and had so much depth to them I couldn't help but feel a sense of loss when I finished reading the book. I felt such a strong connection to them, even minor characters like Emmi and Molly.

The mention of Emmi reminds me. I think Saba is not the only heroine in the book. I believe Emmi also deserves the title. She earned it in Raging Star. I don't think I've ever read about a more determined and stubborn ten-year-old than her.

The story isn't just made up of one plot, it's different plots interweaving together to finally contribute to one mind-blowing ending, which is the 'big rumble' Saba talked about in the book.

As for twists, no disappointments there. That department really worked full-time in Raging Star.

But I really wished the ending was more satiating... That's all I will say.

Brief Review: There is more than one incentive to read the book.  Complex characters with complex relationships, some gawdamn big rumbles (as Saba would say) and one magnificent story. That is more than enough. Being the last in a trilogy, this book is the best masterpiece Moira Young has ever written yet.

Final Rating: 5/5 'Totally Amazing!'


I believe Raging Star wasn't just about love and starting anew, it's about heroes as well,

Hard times don't create heroes. It is during the hard times when the 'hero' within us is revealed--- Bob Riley

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