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ARC Review: Twisted Reflections by Shay West

Title: Twisted Reflections
Author: Shay West
Release Date: 28th July 2014
Publisher: Booktrope Editions
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Quick ReviewAlexis Davenport wants to be rid of her gift of time travel, and the duty that has been thrust upon her to protect the time line from an evil lunatic trying to change the past. When she travels back to ancient Egypt, Alex gets a most unexpected surprise; she meets a fellow Traveler like herself, someone who can possibly help her figure out how to use her powers to stop Drifter from altering the past. But can she learn how to control her gift before Drifter finds a way to stop her from meddling in his plans?

Detailed Review: *I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review*

I was immediately transported into Alex's world from the first page. I think what is the most important element in a sequel are the characters. They should stay the same and shouldn't change at all unless they had a reason to. 

I was glad to find that nothing had really changed in the characters, which could have potentially hampered my enjoyment of the book.

You might ask, 'What was so good about this book?'

The fact that this book is not just a normal time-travel book that actually follows the conventions of the genre, it is also a contemporary that deals with more than just saving the world.

There are first loves, family problems, sudden changes and peer problems too, that adds to the mix of being able to time-travel. I might have mentioned them in my review of the first book of the series.

There were two new characters in the story: Seth and his Master Gavin. They certainly were original characters and it was great to see Alex finally getting some help, although it was frustrating when they couldn't give her answers on how to defeat Drifter.

Speaking of Drifter, I honestly really dislike him, which I'm sure was the intended response of the reader.

He is the embodiment of evil.

Don't even speak to me about his Master. I abhor him.

Every single time I read about him, I always shout curse words at him mentally, because I would kill anyone who insults history, ESPECIALLY those who want to change it.

Can't people see how important history is? If you change the events of the past, then you will change the future.

And if the past doesn't happen, mankind will never learn from their mistakes. The past happens so that we won't repeat the past.

I think I shall have to send this little speech about changing the past to the author and ask her to forward it to Drifter and his Master.

And as you have heard me say so many times, there are bound to be plot twists and some really surprising connections, for it to be a five-star book.

Connections as in: the enemy may be closer than you think.

Technically what I want to say about this book, which is pretty amazing, has already been mentioned in my review for the first book, Dangerous Reflections.

If you want to read about my further opinion on the first book, Dangerous Reflections, click HERE.

Detailed Review: Twisted Reflections rivals with other time-travel books to reach the top. But I assure you, it has already done so. Now all the author needs to do is add more plot twists in the next book and more secrets to be uncovered!

Final Rating: 5/5 'Totally Amazing!'


The past is obdurate- Stephen King 

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