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Review: Modern Suburbia by Chris Merlo

Title: Modern Suburbia
Author: Chris Merlo
Publisher: ~
Release Date: March 17th 2013
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Quick Review: Teal County. The populace would say it's a prime community of modern sophistication and wealth, filled with every form of entertaining consumption one could desire. Expenses were not spared in producing this lavish and clean looking suburb, along with creating an effective and expanded judicial and policing system and a wide and over reaching corporate industry. 

But not everyone finds Teal County to be so fantastic. A young man by the name of Nathan Grant, who has a bitter love-hate relationship with the County he was raised in, is heading back after a long absence in hopes of finishing one last job, part of which includes transporting a very valuable item. The crudeness of the County officials had ironically been both the inspiration for his plans, and now was an abrupt interruption to them, as his freedom in the County is cut short just as soon as he arrives. From there, the story's woven tapestries begins to unravel, and we find foes of Nathan with a set of their own agendas in mind, as well as friends willing to help. With the aid of his friends, Emily, a highly attractive party going drug user, and Aiden, a capable well to do computer genius, among others, Nathan must prevail through the hurdles made by County authorities that stand in his way as he tries to complete a task for Martin Benson, a sleazy corporate high roller. Little does Benson know, Nathan has a few alternative plans of his own for Benson, and little does Nathan know, he might be getting into more hot water than he bargained for. After it is revealed Benson has ties with Falco Dietrich, a German terrorist, along with a handful of his cohorts, and it would also seem the highly effective FBI team of Agent's Simms and Harris has secretly had an eye on Benson for quite some time, several culminating moments of action and deceptions determine the fates of these characters. All while in the midst of negotiating through the complexities of the modern suburb of Teal County.

But even when cornered, Nathan proves his wide knowledge of the town he grew up in can give him a tricky advantage, and that he may have more than one motive for why he chose to target Benson in his plans.

Brief Review: << arc received from the author himself >>

Hmmm... Read this and tried to figure out what to say... why? Because well, I tried but the book didn't suit my tastes. It was kinda confusing but I totally vote the author's mysterious writing skill though it kinda got me lost in the plot so let's just say that I didn't really... like it? 

I know I'm being mean but if you guys, the readers want an honest review for me... this book was so-so. Not great and not bad... it's in the 'safe' zone. But I wish the story was more comical or 'fun' to urge me to read forward. 

It's a pretty long description above but I don't think it suits some reader's 'taste' where our blog is aimed at Young Adult (YA) readers. 

But never fear, the book has it's good and bad qualities. It's good points: 

  • The characters were described detailed and fine
  • the author's writing skill is well and mysterious which definitely shoots through it's 'mysterious aura' 
I recommend this book to an adult audience or an age where you don't find this book... Slow? That's my opinion and please don't take this personally cause even I, found this book kinda slow. 

I think this book can be improved... I think if the author, Merlo had actually made it more heart-pounding, more crazy (exciting) and showed more of his writing skill - he would have killed it! But I believe that his writing has potential, maybe some places to polish up. All he needs to do is capture his readers in the web of mystery he has already created. 

But it's totally up to the readers, if you want to take the chance "GO FOR IT!" or if you don't think you should, it's still up to you! 

Cause I think readers with the thirst of mystery, you should try it out... but if you still don't feel so? 

it's up to you, 
the reader

*Really sorry for the short review but I couldn't find much to say...*

Quick Review: I found this book slow and it's not really go-lucky for people who read for the excitement but I think this book has a lot of potential and I really wished the author, Chris Merlo used more exaggeration and develop a more 'fun' skill of writing. 

My Rating: 3/5   "It's OK... but not for me."


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