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Review: Dance in Shadow and Whisper by Sarah Godfrey and Victoria DeRubeis

Dance in Shadow and Whisper
Title: Dance in Shadow and Whisper
Author Sarah Godfrey and Victoria DeRubeis
Release Date: 19th June 2013 
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Quick Review: Kali unexpectedly discovers on her first day of human high school that she’s forbidden to eat or partake of the toilet during class time, the assigned history and species books look best on the shelves of popular fiction, and the boy she’s watching over is definitely a reincarnated war lord.

The highest powers of Kali’s people and the highest powers of Yuuhi’s people, irreconcilable enemies, designated them to find proof that Jason is, in fact, the reincarnated Ares.

All Yuuhi sees in Jason is the typical scrawny, socially inept emo kid dressed in conflicting shades of black. But Kali sees that Jason’s shadow is bigger than he is, and if the powers of Yuuhi’s people find out, Jason won’t be human much longer.

The desire to protect him from an unexpected visitor brings out her most dangerous sides. Something’s changing in her, something she can’t control, and she’s not afraid of Jason mutating into a creature of the shadows more than she’s afraid she’s becoming something even worse.

And the highest powers will be watching her.

Detailed Review: This book was the BEST fantasy book I've ever read surrounding demons and vampires. Really it was. It just managed to suck me right into the vortex of a story and not let me go. For starters, the story is very original and intriguing. The authors' style of writing leaves you questioning on every page and you know you'll have to read on to get the answers. I also liked how the authors only chose to involve demons and vampires and not werewolves and faeries. I'm starting to get tired of all those. But Dance in Shadow and Whisper was really a wake-up call for me.

Not only was the story mesmerizing, the characters set off a pretty high standard too. They fit right into the story and were clearly and elaborately thought out. I also like the multiple POVs in this book because sometimes it gets a bit tiring just seeing from one person's perspective. Also besides the central theme of war and retribution in the book, there was this word echoing the whole time in my head, the really obvious theme in this book.


I could see how Kali and her brothers and fathers stayed closed together and never let go of each other. This was clearly what makes it so different from other books I've read. I've never read about such strong family bonds. This somehow affected the story more than I thought it would. It affected the ending too, no question about that.

The twist in the story which I think worthy of mentioning is that there is also another reincarnation of another war lord besides Ares. And what is most shocking is that the person you suspected the least is the reincarnation.

Now that ending is what kills me the most. It was really really painful for me to find that there was no continuation to the story that had me like a fish dangling on a hook. 

WHICH MEANS I NEED THE SECOND BOOK. The second book must come out soon. I'm dying of anticipation and apprehension here. 

Note: If the story and the review is not already a tip-off, the cover should do it. It's beautiful.

Brief Review: This book was unexpected in many ways. First the content was just a punch in the gut, and the characters were a stab to my body then the ending was a bullet to my head. This makes the book perfectly addictive and compelling to read. AND I WANT MORE KALI!

Final Rating: 5/5 'Totally Amazing!'


The best quote to describe the theme of family in this book:

Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten.---David Ogden Stiers

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  1. I think it is my first time to hear demons and vampires in one story. Interesting! :)

    Style Reader

  2. This sounds awesome! When I heard you mention of vampires and demons I was a bit weary but then I read more of your review and I was sucked in. I want this book! What is the meaning of this desire!