Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Waiting on Wednesday: Wild Awake by Hilary T. Smith

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by us, that highlights upcoming releases that we're eagerly anticipating.

This week's pre-publication 'can't-wait-to-read' selection is:

Wild Awake
Title: Wild Awake
Author: Hilary T. Smith
Release Date: 28th May 2013
Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books
Find on: Amazon, Goodreads

Things you earnestly believe will happen while your parents are away:

1. You will remember to water the azaleas.
2. You will take detailed, accurate messages.
3. You will call your older brother, Denny, if even the slightest thing goes wrong.
4. You and your best friend/bandmate Lukas will win Battle of the Bands.
5. Amid the thrill of victory, Lukas will finally realize you are the girl of his dreams.

Things that actually happen:

1. A stranger calls who says he knew your sister.
2. He says he has her stuff.
3. What stuff? Her stuff.
4. You tell him your parents won’t be able to—
5. Sukey died five years ago; can’t he—
6. You pick up a pen.
7. You scribble down the address.
8. You get on your bike and go.
9. Things . . . get a little crazy after that.*
*also, you fall in love, but not with Lukas.

Both exhilarating and wrenching, Hilary T. Smith’s debut novel captures the messy glory of being alive, as seventeen-year-old Kiri Byrd discovers love, loss, chaos, and murder woven into a summer of music, madness, piercing heartbreak, and intoxicating joy.

I love the cover! That crazy splash and hair totally sets me off too! And the title is just so beautiful! The description was what really got to me though. It's really hmm... mysterious and you have that feeling that you want to know what really happens. I like contemporaries like this, which coordinate teenage problems and romance all into once.

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  1. This sounds like a good one! I wonder what is going on.

    p.s. I agree with you..that cover is sweet and different.

    Good pick!