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Review: Shadowhunters and Downworlders by Cassandra Clare and many other authors

Shadowhunters and Downworlders: A Mortal Instruments ReaderTitle: Shadowhunters and Downworlders
Author: Cassandra Clare ( and many others)
Release Date: 29th January 2013
Publisher: SmartPop
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Quick Review: Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series, epic urban fantasy set in a richly imagined world of shadowhunters, vampires, werewolves, fairies, and more, has captured the imaginations and loyalty of hundreds of thousands of YA readers. Originally a trilogy (City of BonesCity of AshesCity of Glass), the series has extended to six titles, plus a prequel trilogy, the Infernal Devices, and a planned sequel series, the Dark Artifices. A feature film is planned for 2013.

Shadowhunters and Downworlders, edited by Clare (who provides an introduction to the book and to each piece), is a collection of YA authors writing about the series and its world.

Authors Who Contributed:
Holly Black / Kendare Blake / Gwenda Bond / Sarah Rees Brennan / Rachel Caine / Sarah Cross / Kami Garcia / Michelle Hodkin / Kelly Link / Kate Milford / Diana Peterfreund / Sara Ryan / Scott Tracey / Robin Wasserman


This is the warning I'd give to people before they read the book. The authors' are really being blunt here. They just talk about everything that goes on in their head but it's of course a personal enjoyment for me to see authors' so different from when they write their books. 

Here are some personal favourites:

The Art of War by Sarah Cross: The author shows that the hero is not always the person with fighting skills, but the girl with the artistic skills, which in this case is Clary.

Sharper Than a Seraph Blade by Diana Peterfreund: Sarcasm is sharper than a seraph blade or any other weapon, don't you think? Jace clearly shows that.

Simon Lewis: Jewish, Vampire, Hero by Michelle Hodkin: Team Simon, don't despair! Michelle does a great job with plenty of evidence pointing out that Simon is possibly one of the best heroes ever!

Why The Best Friend Never Gets the Girl by Kami Garcia: Kami really proves this theory with interesting case studies and created the term "Duckie Effect".

Asking For a Friend by Gwenda Bond: Besides romantic love, there is one more type of love: friendship. Gwenda gives you her thoughts on what true friends should be like.

Villains, Valentine and Virtue by Scott Tracey: This author sure loves Valentine Morgenstern very much but he explains how this villain had the right thoughts but the wrong ways.

Immortality and Its Discontent by Kelly Link and Holly Black: A debate on the pros and cons of immortality, with some interruptions from the author herself.

What Does that Deviant Wench Think She's Doing? Or Shadowhunters Gone Wild by Sarah Rees Brennan: This author comments on the dirty side of Shadowhunting and the Nephillim's dirty and sexy side. Includes some Sarah-production scenes that will make you laugh till you cry.

(Not) For Illustration Purposes Only by Rachel Caine: Thinking of getting a tattoo? Rachel sets off with the history of tattoos and how they're not just done just for show, as in the case of the Nephillim.

And I'm done with the list. If  you don't want to miss out those stories on top (I suggest you don't), read this book. It's unputdownable. And not boring, if that's what you're worried about these types of books. It's pure fun.

Brief Review: This book is suitable for The Mortal Instruments fans who want to know more about the series' behind the scenes. Authors show off their true colours which are not always evident in the books they write! A solid example of course is Sarah Rees Brennan!

Final Rating: 5/5 "Totally Amazing"

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