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Review: The Future We Left Behind by Mike A. Lancaster

The Future We Left Behind (Point 4, #2)Title: The Future We Left Behind
Author: Mike A. Lancaster
Publisher: Egmont USA
Release Date: 13th November 2012
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Quick Review: Thousands of years in the future the divide between humanity and technology has become nearly unrecognizable. Each thought, each action is logged, coded, backed up. Data is as easily exchanged through the fiber-optic-like cables that extend from fingertips as it might be through ordinary conversation. It's a brave new world: A world that the Straker Tapes say is a result of many human "upgrades." But no one is sure whether the Straker Tapes are a work of fiction or an eerie peek into an unimaginable past. 

Nearly sixteen-year-old Peter Vincent has been raised to believe that everything that the backward Strakerites cling to is insane--an utter waste of time and potential. Since his father is David Vincent, genius inventor of the artificial bees that saved the world's crops and prevented massive famine, how could Peter believe anything else?

But when Peter meets Alpha, a Strakerite his own age, suddenly the theories about society-upgrades don't sound quite so crazy, especially when she shows him evidence that another upgrade is imminent. And worse, there may be a conspiracy by the leaders of the establishment to cover it up. A conspiracy spearheaded by Peter's own father.

Gripping and full of unexpected twists, The Future We Left Behind takes the unsettling questions raised in Human.4, and flips them entirely. What if we knew that the very way we live was about to be changed in an instant, and we could stop it? And what if everything we are sure we know is entirely wrong?

Detailed Review: This book has so many surprises! Honestly that just managed to blow my head off a few   times! 

I didn't get to read the first book in the series but this book itself also works as a standalone.

Would you want to know how it feels like when your memories are tampered by an unknown person? Because this is what happens to the people in the book, including the main character, Peter. What if your mind is not controlled by you but by some alien programmers that can decide when the next upgrade is? You probably wouldn't want to know the answer to that.  

A conspiracy that involves Peter Vincent's mother's appearance and an unknown upgrade that is arriving that can leave some people behind and bring others with them, as in the case with Kyle Straker and many others a hundred thousand years ago is just the ideal plot to make your head spin. Plus if your mother is willing to disappear just for your father's psychotic project, you find it even harder to believe that she loves her husband more than her son. 

It hurts to know that, isn't it?

Betrayal and love are all mixed into this one spectacular story that will leave readers wondering the same things as Peter and Alpha ( his companion and girlfriend) trudge through their parents' secret pasts to find a truth that is both devastating and scary.

This follows the Kyle paradigm. ( Read the book to find out more! I highly encourage it because you won't know what I'm talking about!)

Brief Review: This book was unexpected in many ways that I lost count. The world that the author has created never ceases to amaze me.

Final Rating: 5/5 'Totally Amazing!'

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