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Review: Chronicles of Myriad: Quest for the Oracle

Title: Chronicles of Myriad: Quest for the Oracle
Author: James Nicholas Adams
Publisher: PublishAmerica
Release Date: 8th September 2011
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Quick Review: Eight years after watching his best friend Kristine disappear, Jason embarks on a journey to find her. While exploring the Keash caves he frequented as a child, he falls and hits his head, rendered unconscious. He awakens to find himself chained up in a cage on a world unlike anything he has ever known and only an arm's length away from Kristine.The reunion is short lived as a sudden dragon attack on their captors causes them to once again become separated. Shortly after, he meets the Prophet Tanas who takes him to meet Jerech, an Elvish king and Jason's birth father. Here, he learns Kristine is in the hands of a nameless tyrant and embarks on a quest to free her. Along the way he discovers there is far more to the reason he is here than he thought, and he has a destiny beyond anything he ever imagined.

Detailed Review: I was honestly blown away by this book. This was BREATHTAKING. It's short but it's good. Yep, that says it all.

This story starts with a prophecy showing the Angels' and Dragons' relationship, which was really bad because of the Angels' betrayal. The Dragons were enslaved to build a city for Naiev, the Angel's dying mother. But one day, the Dragons' prince, Kaeltith, was visited by the Dark Lord, who promised them that revenge would be taken for the Dragons. With the Dark Lord's help, the Dragons' evolved into the Daedra, who could turn into humans and back into their dragon forms whenever they wanted. With this transformation, they managed to escape the Angels' city.

After a while, when all the Daedra were recovered from their ordeal in their land, they planned to invade the Angels' city of Ojai, which they did, leaving the city in ruins and many killed. The next in line to the throne, Aris, Ojai's grandson, had prepared an army to fight off the Daedra but after years of the their absence, the army was disbanded. A fight soon started with Kaeltith and Aris while the city was being destroyed by the Daedras' hands. But Aris still died in the end. There was one fact though that kept me happy after reading the prophecy. Aris had a child with a barmaid, Liza, who he asked her to take and hide among the humans.

This was the dream that was dreamt by Tanas, a prophet in Myrinas. 

The story then turns to Jason England, a boy who had been left on the doorstep of Carolyn and Dan England's home with a note asking the couple to keep the boy safe.

It is Jason's eighteenth birthday when his adoptive parents decided he was old enough to know the real truth about his bloodline. 

Want to know who actually was Jason's parents? Read on.

A girl, Kristine Simmons, who used to be Jason's best friend has disappeared after they explored the Keash caves in Ireland. It's been eight years since this happened. 

Jason starts to go on an adventure on his own to find Kristine and he stumbles upon many obstacles which seemed surreal to him, but the one which proved strangest was his parents.

He's the son of the King of the Elves, Jerech and Aris's daughter, Akarah.

As his adventure continues, he uncovers a destiny that he has to take, with two choices, death or to pull away everything he's been through, which was unlikely because he was so close to Kristine.

The Dark Lord is planning to take over the whole of Myriad. And he has armies to aid him. Jason has to lead his own army to fight back. Besides, he already died once ( yes he did ). 

Only Jason can stop the disaster that is already brewing in the city of Myrinas, where the Dark Lord has taken over. And the Oracle, Saedin, Kristine, has to help him with her unfailing love for him.

This storyline got me wanting for more, especially the epilogue! 

There must be a sequel! There MUST! I'm going to beg the author to write one!

*There's going to be a signing for this book by the author in Salt Lake City this Saturday, October 13th!

Brief Review: This book was direct but it caught most of my attention. No boring parts, just fast-paced all the way! I especially loved the author's narrative writing!

Final Rating: 5/5 'Totally Amazing'

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