Saturday, October 20, 2012

An Interview with Lauren Oliver

We couldn't go without interviewing the bestselling author of the Delirium trilogy and Before I Fall after reading several of her books! So guess what? We e-mailed her out of the blue and here we are! We are thrilled to interview Lauren Oliver and now for some Q&A.

US: Where do you get your ideas on the Delirium trilogy? From a movie? Imagination? Or from a song?

Lauren: The idea for the Delirium trilogy came from an essay by Gabriel Barcia Marquez, where he says that all stories were either about love or death. Since my first book, Before I Fall, was about death. I wanted to write a book about love. 

US: We notice you like to use the sense of imagery in the Delirium trilogy. How do you interpret this?

Lauren: I try to pay attention to my surroundings at all times. I take as much as I can, because you never know where inspiration is going to come from! 

US: Who has supported you throughout the book besides your fans, readers and editors, who was the most supportive of all?

Lauren: My family has been very supportive - my parents and my sister. 

US: Do you think the love triangle between Lena, Alex and Julian is something that you originally created from the start of the book? If so, was it difficult to link them together at the end of Pandemonium?

Lauren: Julian wasn't in my mind when I wrote Delirium, but writing him into the story, and bringing Alex back at the end of Pandemonium, felt very organic. 

US: We can't wait till Requiem comes out! Could you give us a sneak peek or perhaps a teaser? That will definitely make the readers very, very happy... :)

Lauren: Nope! I'm keeping my mouth shut tight on this one! 

US: Why did you choose Hana in Delirium for Requiem as one of the main protagonist and having her own point of view?

Lauren: I felt like I wanted to spend some time with her, in her head. I think she offers a very different viewpoint then Lena does, but a very complementary one. 

US: If you ever wanted to be a character in your story, who would that character be? And, why?

Lauren: I think I would like to be Liza in my new book The Spindlers. She's a tough girl who goes on magical adventures! 

US: We've heard about the rumours for Delirium as a movie. Are they true and what theme song would you choose for it?

Lauren: They are true! As for the theme song... I have no idea! 

US: Will there be a prequel? If there were, we would love to know!

Lauren: Not as of right now...but never say never! 

US: If you could, would you do a book tour in Malaysia (that's where we live!)? If you ever did come, we'd love to be your tour hosts!

Lauren: I'd love to! I want to go everywhere! 

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