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Review: Never Say Goodbye by Bethan Cooper

Title: Never Say Goodbye
Author: Bethan Cooper
Release Date: 25th April 2014
Publisher: Bethan Cooper
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Quick Review: Who said life was easy again?

When eighteen year old Ella Stone fell into his arms one July morning she encountered a man who was not only beautiful, but the most caring and loving she had ever met. She is lost in the distance to most and cares about nothing in her life. The only needs she craves is her best friend Jade and her trusty sky blue Ford Mustang. 

After losing someone who meant more to her than herself, her whole life changed for the worse.

Fighting something on your own, can change your life. 

Especially when that something, causes you pain everyday. 

When Luke James lean, beautiful and rich finds a small girl riddled with torment in his arms he can't help but want to put out that dark light inside of her. 

His past haunts them both, causing unnecessary heartbreak. 

But when he leaves his high school girlfriend Jenna, for her, trouble chases them both and the escape tries to break them apart.

On this emotional tormented roller-coaster, we find two people who should of never been introduced, but they are and the inevitable happens, for them both.

Detailed Review <<I received a copy of this book to beta in return for my honest feedback.>>

Never Say Goodbye was an explosive book, albeit a quiet one. It's like when you light a fuse and it starts burning, until it reaches the end and the explosion happens. That's how I felt when I read the last few chapters.

There was a strong theme of insta-love with this book, but I would classify it as a genuine and realistic one, because of the fact that Luke and Ella had met before, just that Luke had never looked at Ella the same way he had when she fell, literally into his arms.

I thought Beth managed to balance this out by showing how volatile and strength their relationship is. One word is all it takes to break it; when it's fixed again, it's stronger than before.

At the start of the book, Ella Stone was just a girl battling with depression who had her Mustang and best friend to distract her from her demons. She was broken and hard to fix.

When she has lost hope, the appearance of Luke James precedes a romance so strong and unyielding that it had Celine Dion's 'The Power of Love' running in my head.

NSG is about how love can make you stronger and change you. Over the course of the book, Ella's transformation is evident; she becomes braver and stronger. She is able to stand up and fight for herself. Ella was definitely my favourite character in the book because she showed in the end, that she was still strong when Luke wasn't with her and was a source of pain. She even stood up to him.

Luke, the hottest boy in school (bad boy alert!) was immediately drawn to Ella in a way he had never before when they collided into each other. He showed that he was also as broken as Ella, though he didn't suffer the depression as Ella had. He had lost the person he loved the most but none of the hurt ever showed on the surface until he let Ella in. I'd love to know more about his background though. Sometimes I think the spotlight should shine more often on Luke and his current struggles.

The story was told mainly from Ella's POV but there was a chapter for both Ella and Luke's POV, which I absolutely wished there was more of.

P.S. The ending will certainly want to make you cry or just traumatise you into a brief silence. Just get ready a box of tissues.

Brief Review: The chemistry between Luke and Ella made a very potent combination with both of their tragic pasts. It's not easy to get out of this book after being immersed in it. This is an emotional piece of work that will leave your heart broken not just by the beauty of Luke and Ella's love, but everything else that comes with it. I can't wait for the sequel! I NEED MORE LUKE AND ELLA!

Final Rating: 5/5 'Totally Amazing!'

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