Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Let's Welcome A New Member!!!

Hey everyone! This is Elicia here, your usual host now that Chloe, ahem, slackened (though she still did the designs) and is busy with her studies right now. I'm busy with exams too as well. So we decided to hire a new co-blogger to help us fill in as we studied hard and here she is! There will be future posts from her like book reviews. Please let us give her a warm welcome! *claps and whistles and screams and flying streamers everywhere* 

P.S. I've talked to her and she is the nicest person ever! 

And here is a small introduction written by her:

Hi everyone, my name is Szidi and I will be joining this wonderful reviewing team. I'm from Canada, and I go to the University of Toronto. I have loved reading since middle school, and I want to share that passion with other wonderful people that love to read. I look forward to sharing my opinions with all the readers.

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