Thursday, May 23, 2013

TGIF - Feature & Follow #150

FEATURE & FOLLOW FRIDAY is a blog hop that is designed to provide as much exposure towards other bloggers as well as yourself, and to expand following. It's hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read, each whom feature a chosen blog for a week, it's also an interesting way to get to know one another bloggers.

The #FF is 150 years old! And we want to hear from you! What would you change about the top? What do you like about it? Or just suggest a question to be used next week? 

I don't know what to say except there's nothing bad or but it's really good as it is! I don't it has to change! Love the way it is already :)


  1. I love it as well.

    - New follower! ^^

  2. Great blog!
    New GFC follower <3
    here's my FF post.

  3. I love it as well, have you been doing it long? I haven't been by your blog before.

    Mei @ Diary of a Fair Weather Diver

  4. Wait, 150 years old? Sorry, I couldn't help myself. ;) Have you been doing this meme all this time? I love it. I just wish I had joined in a long time ago. I was too shy back then.
    Old follower by GFC, New follower by Bloglovin
    My FF @ Donnie Darko Girl

  5. New Follower hopping thru from (Parajunkee & Alison Can Read) "Feature & Follow"

    "Bound By Love Book Reviews"