Saturday, May 18, 2013

Review: Wakefield by Erin Callahan & Troy H. Gardner

Title: Wakefield
Author(s): Erin Callahan & Troy H. Gardner
Publisher: MuseltUp Publisher
Release Date: October 5th 2012
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Quick Review: Orphans Astrid Chalke and Max Fisher meet when they’re sent to live at Wakefield, a residential and educational facility for teens with psychiatric and behavioral problems. Astrid’s roommate cuts herself with anything sharp she can get her hands on and Max’s roommate threatens him upon introduction. 

Just as Astrid and Max develop a strong bond and begin to adjust to the constant chaos surrounding them, a charming and mysterious resident of Wakefield named Teddy claims he has unexplainable abilities. Sometimes he can move things without touching them. Sometimes he can see people’s voices emanating from their mouths. Teddy also thinks that some of the Wakefield staff are on to him. 

At first, Astrid and Max think Teddy is paranoid, but Max’s strange, recurring dreams and a series of unsettling events force them to reconsider Teddy’s claims. Are they a product of his supposedly disturbed mind or is the truth stranger than insanity?

Detailed Review: <<copy provided by author themselves>>

I found this book to be quite entertaining but it didn't suit my tastes. OK, it kinda did but it didn't... I didn't find this appealing to me but maybe if you are  into those kinda books about insanity, mystery and psychology with a touch of adventure, I was 'pleased' but not satisfied. 

The story about these  kids who are brought to psychiatric and behavioral problems where apparently some of the kids have these "special abilities" where they have to fend for themselves and mysteries start to happen. 

Sorry but I have to cut this short...  this book didn't appeal very much to me! I'm really sorry but I just didn't like it...

Brief Review: "It was not my kinda selection of genre where this was not my type of book. I recommend the authors should continue to improve their style of writing. In the future, I will be happy to review their latest book.

My Rating: 2/5  "It's OK but I didn't really like it"

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