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Review: Little Dead Man by Jake Bible

Title: Little Dead Man
Author: Jake Bible
Publisher: Samannah Media
Release Date: 8th November 2012
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Quick Review: Garret Weir has just turned seventeen. For any normal teen this would be quite the milestone. But for Garret it’s even more amazing he’s made it to this age, because in Garret’s life the human population of the Earth is gone, changed and turned into flesh hungry zombies, or “necs”, as he calls them. In the world he was born into, except for his parents that have kept him safe in a small compound hidden in the mountains of southern Oregon, Garret has never known another living soul. However, he is not the only seventeen year old in the family. Just the only one living. For Garret is alive and breathing and his twin, Garth, is undead, has been since birth, leaving him the size of an infant and attached to Garret’s spine. And he won’t leave his brother in peace.

Set decades after the zombie apocalypse, Little Dead Man tells the story of conjoined twins Garret and Garth Weir. A fast-paced, high-action tale that doesn’t pull any punches as Garret, with Garth always attached, must struggle with a mother that is mentally unstable, a missing father that has kept too many secrets and the fact that the world he had always been told was completely dead, actually has well-developed human survivor pockets. And not all of those are friendly. Not even close.

Detailed Review: Don't turn away from reading this review after you've seen the cover. Never ever judge a book by it's cover, haven't you guys heard it before? Though I've done it a couple of times I almost never do that. Unlike my fellow blogger Chloe. It's true! Ask her yourself!

Ok enough of joking. What makes me think this book is so awesome and brilliant. First the action and suspense, it keeps you wanting more. It leaves you with an urge to turn to the next page.

Second, the story. It's completely original. I mean, take a look at the cover as well. I dare you stare at it without  flinching for ten seconds. It's so original that it looks scary. Get what I mean? And to be honest, this is my first zombie book. I've engaged in werewolves, angels, vampires and many others but not zombies. But after reading this, I get this feeling for more. It's just amazing what a book can do to you.

The last reason is that Garrett Weir and Garth have the coolest parents ever! His father is actually a mad scientist who unleashed the virus that destroyed the world and his mother is incredible when it comes to killing necros.  She managed to kill one big nec even when she was hurt. That's totally kick-ass!

In an insane world, Garrett has to face challenges and survive with things he learns from books that he has read for many years. But sometimes books can't help and you have to rely on your survival instincts.

I thought the book was good not just because of the action but how the author has thought to include the love of a family in it. In the end when Garrett's mother became a nec, they still protect each other. I know it sounds impossible but it is really true. His mother doesn't even try to eat him. And don't forget Garth too! He's actually quite adorable.

He ain't heavy, he's my brother...

But besides that, you'll have to read for yourself. I always say that to other people when they want to know more. So I'll say this to you too.

*Warning: Lots of gore and blood in it. Not that I'm discouraging you from reading it. I think you should still read it.

Brief Review: My first zombie book and it already has a huge impact on me. Jake Bible couldn't have written it more detailed or action-packed than any other author. This book is certainly on my 'awesome book' list!

Final Rating: 5/5 'Totally Amazing' (Wish I could give a 6!)

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