Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Review: Streamline by Jennifer Lane

Title: Streamline
Author: Jennifer Lane
Publisher: Omnific Publishing
Release Date: March 27th 2012
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Quick Review: Seems like Leo Scott has it all: looks, brains, and athletic talent. He's captain of his high school swim team with a bright future in college and beyond. But Leo has secrets. His mother's crippling car accident has devastated his family and left Leo to deal with his father's abuse, battered and alone. 

Leo's girlfriend Audrey Rose is poised for her own share of success. As one of Florida's top high school swimmers, Audrey dreams of college swimming stardom. But there's an obstacle to her glorious rise to the top. Her number-one supporter-her father-is in prison for murder. 

Part murder mystery, part tale of young love in a military family, this gripping story takes readers on a journey from Pensacola to Annapolis. Leo and Audrey must band together to rise above the adversity they encounter and find their true selves in the process. When everything's on the line . . . streamline.

Detailed Review: When I just started this book, I couldn't help but notice this entourage between being perfect and being abused... Whoops! That just slipt. But anyway the story is about a boy called Leo Scott, like the blurb, Leo is perfect and has it all, he's a kid who is a complete perfectionist. As well as having the perfect girlfriend, Leo does have it all. As long as you don't do a background check... Between the perfectness of his outside life, his inside life is totally rotten. Adding to the equation, Leo's father, Commander James Scott -man of the household- has been abusing Leo since he was eleven. Wow, right? You can't imagine what it was like! 

Leo's father is part of the Navy -lost his parents, the usual- James has been teetering off the edge for the longest time. The world revolves around a few people plus his girlfriend, Audrey who loves Leo completely, she doesn't know about the bruises and cuts. During this dilemma, Leo is constantly fighting a drug abuse which he stole from his mother and next thing you knew, he's battling it, close to suiciding himself. This teen's got issues! Big ones! I particularly loved Audrey from the start. She was my favourite character in the book as well as Leo. Both of them were entirely compelling and richly compromised, these two were the ones with the burdens. Audrey...for her heart and Leo...for his ferocity, I loved these two. 

Well, at first you'll be thinking typical popular, good-looking, smart kid but instead he's got a trouble double life. He's got the worst. It was very sad but Audrey definitely kept him together and himself from falling apart. I didn't cry at this but I guarantee, it might make you! After his perfect life fell apart and almost suiciding himself, he goes to Audrey. The two of them slept with each other, not knowing abou anything but their love. In the next few days, you'll be screaming, alright? 


Yup, that sums it up. I was entirely shocked yet not. Well, we find out James, Leo's father finds out and beats him to-close to death- until he went unconscious. But during this James's gets arrested. He sprained his wrist and ankle and broke his spleen because they had to REMOVE it. Then Audrey lost the baby! It was so horrible! 

As the story moves on, Leo's frustrated because of the pain and the loss of not being able to swim. It soon falls when Leo suddenly decides to join the Navy after it all happens. He finds his father, complete with a beard and trashed house, Leo asks James to help him. Everything changes and soon the date's getting closer and closer. Yet I have to stop my rambling and just finish up, I loved this book so much!

'"We'll be the cleanest college freshmen around,"Audrey said. 
"Except I'm not a college freshman anymore." Leo sighed. "I have to figure out my life."
Audrey wove her fingers into his. 
"It's simple. You're getting an ROTC scholarship to Florida State. To swim with me." 
"I am?" 
"Of course, Mr Scott." 
A look of marvel bled into his wondrous smile as he squeezed her hand. "Yes, ma'am."' 

Well, I definitely recommend this book! It's absolutely great and I think it helps you understand what life really is about. How you can help someone in abuse-ment, how they actually feel. 

And most importantly: Who they really are. 

Brief Review: 'Loved it to the max, I was definitely pulled into Streamline and it's plot. Streamline was more than a book, it was a learning experience of what real life actually is and being who you are, it was an inspiring story.'

My Rating: 5/5  'Totally amazing!'

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