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Review: Fade by A.K. Morgen

Title: Fade
Author: A.K. Morgen
Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press
Release Date: September 7th 2012
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Quick Review: What do you do when you realize nothing in your life is what you’ve believed it to be?

When Arionna Jacobs loses her mother in a tragic accident, her world is turned upside down. She’s forced to leave her old life behind and move in with her father. Dace Matthews, a teaching assistant at her new college, is torn in two, unable to communicate with the feral wolf caged inside him.

When they meet, everything they thought they knew about life unravels. Dace has intimate access to Arionna’s mind, and something deep within her fights to rise to the surface. They don't understand what's happening to them or why, and they're running out of time to sort out the strange occurrences around them.

Their meeting sets an ancient Norse prophesy of destruction in motion, and what destiny has in store for them is bigger than either could have ever imagined. Unless they learn to trust themselves and one another, they may never resolve the mystery surrounding who they are to one another, and what that means for the world.

Detailed Review: In the start, it follows up on Arionna's mother who has died. A wolf emerges, complete with a howl with burning yellow eyes. It's already interesting from the very beginning. I was very much fixated on the story and Arionna Jacobs who is yet a girl we're going to find out about. 

'A lone wolf hunkered beneath the trees. 
A wolf? 
I blinked, certain I hadn't seen an animal at all, but I had. A wolf, or the domestic relation anyway, sat in the shadows of the trees, staring in our direction. Even from a distance, he looked as sad as I felt, and I wondered if he'd lost a loved one too. 
Do animals feel loss like us? Do they grieve, too? 
I hoped not.'

ARIONNA; A girl who is strong enough and not afraid, she's a girl who has tons of confidence (yet not so much) and takes risks. I love her for her well-being and her strong will for being who she can be and who she can't be. 

DACE; mysterious, wild and totally out of control (well...sometimes). I love Dace (too). He was completely mysterious and wild as he controls his inner wolf, the feral wolf caged inside of him. He feels like he's completely torn to two as he meets Arionna at a college as a teaching assistant.

Soon the story starts to spin apart as the two meet yet both of them don't know why even though they don't understand what's happening. I felt completely so compelled to this story line and completely mystified as the plot starts to emerge from it's starting point. 

'I didn't know, but I felt now, and feeling hurt. 
The guy tensed as though he felt my eyes on him, and turned in my direction. He stood no less than a hundred feet from me, too far away to see clearly, but every feature of his face swam into focus as if I'd called his appearance up from the depths of my memory. He was gorgeous, with messy golden hair, strong cheekbones, and a sharp, defined jawline. Even his vivid, emerald eyes and the small scar above his right eyebrow were crystal clear to me. 
I told myself to stop staring and look away. That grief had scrambled my brains, and I only imagined things that weren't there. 
I didn't listen to that little voice of reason. 
The boy lifted his head. 
Time seemed to slow, stretching before me in ways I couldn't comprehend. 
Our eyes met across the distance. 
I stopped breathing, heat weaving through me in coils, burning away the hole I'd just discovered, and leaving me wrapped in a soft blanket of warmth. A thousand different sensations whispered through me like a summer's breeze, freezing me in place. Joy, fear, loss, hope, sorrow . . . I couldn't separate one emotion from the other. Before I even had the chance to try, a current of energy washed through me, pulling a gasp from my lips. Strength and familiarity rippled through the air between us. The powerful sensation swarmed over me like a thousand little teeth nibbling on my skin, and shook me to the core. 
I knew him.' 

With this snippet above, I guarantee you'll be rereading this (completely) as I fell in love with this book and couldn't stop putting it down, you should buy this book! 

After reading this review... YOU MUST BUY THIS BOOK! MUST!

Brief Review: 'Amazing, wild and creative, Fade was incredible, just simply incredible and heart-pumping, all you have to do is love it.'

My Rating: 5/5  'Totally Amazing.'

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