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ARC Review: The Death of Ink by MM John

Title: The Death of Ink
Auhor: MM John
Release Date: 4th January 2014
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Quick ReviewFifteen-year-old Paige Langley’s life has always revolved around good grades and escaping her less than ideal home life…but once she meets Devon Connors, her life drastically changes.

Although, they share an instant attraction, Devon’s concealing a dark past. And an even darker secret…there’s a dead girl haunting him nightly.

Resolute to win the school’s writing contest, Paige will do just about anything to achieve her goals. So after she finds a binder containing information on a past murder and the illegal activities of the students, she believes the stories are fictional and the perfect way to win the contest.

But the owner of the manuscript, Devon Connors, has other plans. To keep Paige from exposing his secrets, Devon befriends her and even offers to help her write a winning story for the contest.

The chemistry between Paige and Devon is undeniable, but Paige doesn’t know if she can trust him. The deeper she digs into the dark underbelly of their high school, the more she realizes that some secrets are better left buried.

Detailed Review: I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

So you want an honest review? Let's see... This book was a force of nature. And I found out one thing the author was very good at: hypnotism with words. At least, that's what I think. I was hooked to the book like a lung cancer patient hooked to an oxygen tank. It was a phenomenon. In my opinion, this book held a different vibe compared to other supernatural books. This book gives the 'read at your own risk' vibe. Others would typically give the 'come and read me, there's lots of ghosts and whatnot' vibe. 

The characters certainly did their part well in The Death of Ink. The main characters, Paige and Devon don't have promising family lives, but their school lives don't reflect that. Paige is a high school senior at only 15 and Devon is the star receiving back in the football team. A binder of short stories and a writing competition brings them closer together. And the short stories, unbelievable as they seem, are certainly not fiction. Paige is a normal girl who wants to be noticed. Devon doesn't want attention. 

Devon was a very unusual character. I've never met anyone like him in my life. He's...special. Words can't describe how I feel about Devon, but he certainly has a dark side that I haven't had the chance to know more about.

And who's the 'dead girl' haunting him? Even I don't know. I wasn't given much of a glimpse into what his relationship with the girl, but I know something. 

The story is both confusing and not confusing. I don't know how to explain it. I feel like the story has a double meaning that I can't even begin to fathom, but the strange thing is I feel connected to the story. 

And this all leads to the topic of John's writing style. It's definitely unique. It seems simple enough when you read it, but there seems to be some power in the words she writes which attracts readers. I don't know how he does it, but she sure knows how to seduce you with words.

Brief Review: MM John affects me in a way which other authors haven't. She blends the supernatural with reality with such skill that it's hard to tell whether you are in the real or supernatural world. Her characters are intriguing and special and each demonstrate their own sense of character and purpose, even the minor ones. Her style of writing is unlike any I've encountered before. It's undoubtedly the best thing to look for in a new author when the competition between YA books is so strong. I'm definitely looking forward to reading her next book!

Final Rating: 5/5 'Totally Amazing!'

QUOTE: To Devon and his secrets, 

If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.---Khalil Gibran

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